How to Take Care of your Air Compressor

Air compressors are used in various settings and very much a necessary component to keep many businesses afloat. Caring for the air compressor is important, unless you enjoy visits from the repairman often and unnecessary expense. Caring for your air compressor is fairly simply. Here are a few tips that can help you easily care for your machine and get the longest possible lifetime from the unit.

Read the owner’s manual and follow it carefully. No matter how many air compressors you’ve used in the past, each one is different. Failure to read this book may result in improper use and damage to the unit.

Keep a close eye on your air compressor. You can easily and affordably purchase air compressor oil and keep all of the parts and pieces of the machine lubricated and efficiently working. Also ensure that you clean dirt and other debris from the machine often.

Draining the moisture form the tanks is another task that an air compressor owner must regularly complete to keep the machine properly functioning. There is a valve on most tanks that make it easy to drain. Before you drain, release the air and you’re all set!

Screws, nuts, bolts, and other pieces can easily come lose thanks to the vibration and movement of the air compressor. As you examine your unit, look for these parts that need to be tightened or put back into place. Doing this ensures that your machine is always in the best working order at all times.

Make sure that you also check the hoses to the air compressor on a regular basis and make sure that you clean the intake vents. These are two very important steps in air compressor maintenance not to forget!

Use this information to keep your air compressor in good working condition for a long time to come.