What is Soda Lime Glass?

Soda lime glass is a type of glass. It is the most commonly produced glass manufactured today and one of several types of ceramic grinding media. Soda lime glass is composed of approximately 70% silicon dioxide, 9% lime, and 15% soda, with several other compounds also tucked inside. Soda lowers the temperature of the silica melting process, cooling the temperature of the glass and stabilizing the silica with the lime.

The use of soda lime glass is popular with many people. It is desired because it is chemically stable to use and is very workable. It is easy to create a number of different products that we need and want thanks to the ability to be resoftened several times. It is also inexpensive and in the world of building, this is a quality that all manufactures desire.

Soda lime glass is used to create a number of different items, including bottles, lightbulbs and even windows!  Glass recycling is oftentimes possible thanks to the use of soda lime glass. The material has long been used for these purposes, particularly in Europe.

There are a couple of different types of soda lime glass that can be used. Flat glass is one of the types that is used to create windows. Container glass is used to create bottles, art work, lightbulbs and other items. Both magnesium oxide and sodium oxide are found in larger concentration in flat glass than in container glass.

Soda lime glass can be used by anyone that has an interest in creating any of the fantastic products that is within capabilities of the glass. It is affordably priced and widely available for sale. In fact, with a click on the above link you can find soda lime glass and many other types of glass that you might need at great prices.